In practice since 1978, Dr. Davis has integrated numerous advanced care therapies which are applied to each patient as the individual need requires.

PERT utilizes neuromuscular testing for evaluation, and manual reflex contacts to deliver therapy to remove stoIf structural complaints are a priority for treatment, Dr. Davis draws from many types of corrective chiropractic procedures ranging from non-force or minimal force treatment to advanced care applied kinesiology. He has been a participating member of the International College of Applied Kinesiology since 1982.

To prepare for PERT, patients fill out a two column Physical & Emotional Injury Recall sheet. The right hand column is numbered 1-20 with spaces to record in few words all physical injuries that can be recalled. The left hand column has the same spaces to record emotional traumas. That sheet is held by the patient (without Dr. Davis review), and each numbered item is rapidly visualized by the patient as Dr. Davis checks to see if the memory represents a “hot spot” in the brain that requires treatment. Each counterproductive memory, emotional and physical, when cleared, produces incremental improvement in neurological function that is measured during the treatment. Often, performing this therapy just once can produce enormous positive shifts.

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