Payment and Scheduling Policies

By reserving and paying in advance for your 3-Day health intensive program with Dr. Davis you are entering into a binding legal agreement. When you reserve your program dates and complete payment, you are accepting and agreeing to the following relevant stipulations, cancellation, refund, and no-show policy of Dr. Davis’ office.

  1. The Program fee payment includes the "as indicated" supplements listed in the program description (and does not include "billed separately" items).
  2. Cancellation with refund is only possible in consideration of "72 hour contract law” which allows cancellation and full refund within a timeframe of 72 hours of completing the contract. The following example clarifies this policy. If a prospective patient purchases the 3-Day Intensive, for example, on Tuesday, August 4, he or she would have until midnight on Friday, August 7 to cancel and receive a full refund. Excepting that condition of a 72 hour window, no other refund will be issued. Any cancellation requires two steps: First, fill out the "cancellation notice" found on the navigation bar of the "Payment and Scheduling Policies" page, then click the SEND button for electronic transmission and recording. Second, due to the fact that web infrastructure does occasionally fail, and the electronic notice might not be received, an additional step is required. Call the office for direct voice contact or leave a dated voice message explaining the cancellation. You will receive a confirmation call back from us normally within 3 business days.
    • In the event of an incapacitating medical injury that prevents travel (documented by the examining physician’s report of findings), the 3-Day health intensive program can be rescheduled, but the time frame for rescheduling will be at the discretion of Dr. Davis’ office.
    • Failure of airline or other transport services to uphold their service schedule does not create a condition for refund or rescheduling by Dr. Davis’ office. Therefore it is recommended that new patients arrive early enough on the Monday (before their intensive begins on Tuesday) so that there is time for alternate scheduling if there is failure of their transport carrier.
    • As a healthcare provider, Dr. Davis’ office is an "essential service" from the standpoint of mandated travel restrictions, and should not restrict your ability to visit our office for medical care. If some sort of travel restriction is imposed, you must be familiar with your possible local travel restrictions and contact our office for approval before scheduling your visit. In the unfortunate circumstance that a limiting travel restriction is placed in effect AFTER you have reserved your 3-Day Intensive Program, we will reschedule your visit at the soonest possible time. It is your responsibility to check if your state requires a quarantine upon your return to your home, and to accept that restriction if required. When that is clear for you, make payment to complete your 3-Day health intensive with us.
  3. No show. In the absence of cancellation notice as described above, no show for the scheduled appointment results in loss of the full fee and no rescheduling will be made.