I am exercising my right of "72 hour contract law" which allows me to cancel my recent purchase of a 3-Day Health Intensive with Dr. Davis (within a timeframe of 72 hours of completing the contract), and to receive a full refund.
I understand the time limitation as described in the Payment & Scheduling Policies section of this website, and I qualify under those terms. When I click the SEND button for this form, I am acknowledging agreement to the conditions of STEP 2 below. I will expect to hear back from Dr. Davis’ office within three business days of the time stamp of this transmission.


I understand that to receive a refund I am required to contact Dr. Davis’ office +1 (931) 888-0388 for a live voice contact during business hours, or to leave a voicemail with a verbal notice of the day and time of the call for cancellation.